New Developments in Marbella

Marbella is one of the most attractive cities in Spain for foreign investors. Most of the real estate clients come from the wealthiest countries in Europe, such as the Netherlands, UK, and Scandinavia. Marbella’s real estate market does not depend on the national economy as most of the real estate buyers come from outside, especially from European countries where their economies are strong compared to that of Spain. New trends show that there is increasing demand from younger foreign buyers who prioritize style, quality, and design when choosing to buy a new home. Many advantages come with a new home over an old one. There is that peculiar feeling that comes with being the first owner and the fact that you can discuss with your developer on any additional fixtures you may want. New developers of villas in Marbella use top-notch architects to offer custom-made designs with no layout being identical to any other. Most buyers prefer domotic technology with an emphasis on luxury, uniqueness, and quality fittings and fixtures. People also prefer new residences where control over everything is centralized on a handset. According to the luxury property sector, medium to high standards, apartments, and luxury villas are upcoming, although there is less available land for further developments. As a result, an uprising of new developments has started in adjacent municipalities such as Benahavis and Estepona. In 2019, new construction homes have been the most sought-after products, and there has been a price rise as a result of strong demand in all these areas.

Why buy a new development in Marbella?

is one of the most crucial towns known for its excellent climate in the Costa del Sol region. It’s an ideal place to buy luxury housing by people with high purchasing power, who see this place as the best to live for its high standard of living. The area has many attractions that draw buyers to it. Some of the reasons are its closeness to the airport, beaches, shopping, and golf courses surrounded by pine trees. Each of the new developments focuses on the satisfaction of the expectations of today’s purchaser and brings the best in the use of quality construction materials. Construction layouts of new developments of villas in Marbella maximize the pleasurable life of living in Marbella city. The latest Marbella real estate developments bring a new kind of lifestyle and also off-plan guarantees when purchasing. When it comes to promoting and selling new developments in Marbella, developers must adhere to strict rules, where the buyer enjoys more rights. Of course, it’s essential to choose an estate agent to guide you through the whole process of purchasing. A real estate agent helps you make the right choice on real estate properties available on offer. Additionally, an agent can recommend a good lawyer to ensure your deposits are safe and also look after all the fine print. Many buyers purchase their new home as a first home, although there is a significant number who buys as an investment to rent it out to get good revenue.

Property Market 2018-19 in Marbella and the Surroundings

Real estate agents in Marbella
reported a pick-up in inquiries at the end of 2018, which has continued into 2019. Marbella began an annual real estate recovery in 2013, from the market bottomed out in 2012. A gradual improvement in 2013 accelerated a new growth cycle up to now, with a strong demand for new apartments and modern villas built both then and now. The shifting from cheaper buys to wanting of lifestyle properties happened later in other parts of Costa del Sol and across the country. Across Spain, sales of new developments rose from 11.3% in 2018 compared with 2017, with the province of Malaga recording a 7.4% increase.

Marbella Property market preview for the year 2020

This development seems to continue for the year 2020. The construction boom is likely to continue and demand will rise. One more reason to invest in a property in Marbella. Marbella and the Costa del Sol drive much of the growth in Malaga province, and Marbella is one of the most critical and dynamic property markets in Spain.